Building a flower bed in your plain yard can be fulfilling. And it will add more beauty to your garden and to your home. Plus, it doesn’t require much planning and preparation.

Flower Bed

Preparing the Flower Bed

Before you dig, take into account the following:

1. Location

Think of where you want the flower bed to go. Maybe you want it under the tree, in front of the house, around a garden structure, along the fence, etc.

2. Sunlight

Some plants like annuals will need maximum sun exposure every day. It is wise to build the flower bed in a spot where there is enough sun. You can still situate it under a shade, but your choices of flowers and plants will be limited.

3. Type of Soil

Plants need a good soil in order to grow and help stay alive. If the soil in your yard is not rich enough, you can improve it by adding compost or planting soil to it. Make sure the area is free from other debris like rocks and weeds.

Designing the Flower Bed

Once you’ve made up your mind on the flower bed’s location, it’s time to choose the design.

1. Small Flower Beds

You can place small flower beds in the center of your lawn, in the backyard, or in the corner of the yard.

2. In front of the House

If you choose to place it in front of the house, you can situate it around your mailbox if you have one, under the tree, or beside the walkway.

3. Shape

Be creative. You are not limited to a square or circular design shape. You can always go for rectangular, triangular, and other geometric shapes.

4. Cover

Use flower beds to cover or block trash cans, external AC unit, heaters, etc.

Building the Flower Bed

You will need to remove the grass where you want the flower bed to be located.

1. Regular Flower Bed

For this you need to remove the grass. If you find it hard, you can do an easier way by covering the grass with newspaper with a minimum of 5 layers. Put soil on top of the newspaper. Water it well. After a few months, the buried grass will die and the newspaper will decompose. Wait for a few more months and the flower bed will be ready to be planted on. The only con to this is the long waiting time.

2. Raised Flower Bed

You can do a DIY by using wood boards, or use a flower bed kit. But you’ll be limited in the shapes as they only most commonly come in square or rectangles and are smaller in size.


There is a plethora of plants you can choose for your flower bed. But always consider your region’s climate, sun exposure, geography, etc. But never forget as well that it is your flower bed and you can put your favorite plants and flowers on it.

If you aren’t sure on how to build a flower bed, a professional can always help you. Contact landscaping Richmond VA for concerns regarding flower beds or landscaping.