The whole world has discovered that there are a lot of people who have a keen eye for photo taking even before smartphones and iPhones existed. With the iPhone being user-friendly, it makes it easier for others to unlock their creativity and turn it into a picture. Not only is taking photo easy, but there are numerous apps for editing your picture that will make you feel like a pro. Even with the easy to use interface, there will always be room for improvement.  

Here, we would like to offer some tips and suggestions you can use for your next photo session with your smart phone.  Try to go with the famous minimalist shot and try to keep your pictures as simple looking as possible. Simplicity and minimalism in a photo will mean that you will only take pictures with a few elements in them. This will help the viewers appreciate the picture as a whole, and not be distracted by all the random objects that might have been in the photo. 

 It can be confusing to have a lot of subjects in one picture; you might not be able to convey the message you would like your viewers to understand. The term negative space is used when you have a photo, but it is filled with space, which people tend to overlook. Some people react to this kind of photography negatively, as they think that it is boring or too simple. However, it can work to your advantage, especially in this day and age where people love to scroll down social media pages using their phone that have as small screen.  

If you are looking through a phone screen, the negative space will work to your advantage and can highlight your picture and make it stand out right away. Try taking photos from different angles, the majority of smart phone users have a habit of shooting from their chest levels. They do this because of the convenience of taking a photo, but if you try experimenting with different angles, you will find that there is a lot of beauty in taking a different approach. With offering a new point of view regarding photography, you will be enticing your viewers with the new and unique way of shooting the world. 

If you try shooting from a low angle during an outdoor shoot, you can create a beautiful background of the blue sky. This will be one great way of showcasing the subject that you want to have stood out in the picture. Try taking close-up pictures and heighten even the tiniest of details. Sometimes when you try to take a picture of a flower, you tend to forget to get a bit closer so they can see the finer details that make it beautiful.  

Sometimes, taking a photo too far out will hinder you from sharing the detail that not a lot of people notice was there, this will naturally bring life to your photos. There are definitely a lot of things you can do with your smart phone or iPhone camera. On the other hand, for a more formal and serious event or promotional purposes, then we suggest that you leave it to the hands of a professional Tampa photographer.