It is very scary to sleep at night if the weather gets colder and colder and you don’t have the electricity as of that moment because of Bend electric matter. This is common especially if the weather is snowy or it is raining heavily at night so there will be a huge chance that there will be a power interruption. You don’t the chance to feel good because you can’t use your heater or the heating system to become better as the cold air gets in of the window’s room. It is nice if you have a fireplace as you could stay there and feel warm during the whole night but it could be very unlucky if you don’t have.  

There could be so many ways in order for you to keep yourself warm in a very cold winter night and even without the help of the electricity or machine. 

  1. Wear as much as clothes as you can: The best solution to a cold and snowy night is to make yourself covered with a lot of clothes and make sure to keep a down jacket or sweater. You don’t need to worry that you would be sweating a lot or it gets dirty as you are feeling the cold weather so you won’t sweat during this time.  
  2. You may use some hand gloves or mittens: One of the best ways as well is to keep your hand warm by wearing a pair of gloves or mittens to each hand and the thicker the better. It could make you feel more comfortable and be able to have a good sleep without worrying your freezing hands as they become more sensitive during this time or weather.  
  3. Keep the window close and put curtain on itDon’t open the window in order not for the cold air to get in of your room and you may want to keep the curtain close as much as possible. Opening them would give you a chilling feeling and hard for you to get back to sleep.  
  4. You could use a candle to give heat: If you are not that very sleepy then you can light a candle in order to get the warmth that you need before you sleep and have a good rest. Others would use those emergency lights to have a good way of warming themselves during this moment.  
  5. Stay in your fireplace areaIf you have this place at home and then it would be very nice to stay there while having a chitchat with your friends or family members at night.  
  6. Drink some hot milk or teaIf there is a time for you to prepare some hot tea or drinks then that would be a nice idea to keep yourself feeling good despite of cold weather.  
  7. Cover your body with piles of blankets: You would need to prepare a lot of blankets when the winter season comes as it could help you to save your electricity by covering piles of blanket.