You had your dryer vent inspected and it’s already filled with lint and debris; you’re contemplating whether you should hire a pro or just go to the hardware store and buy a “do it yourself” kit. Sometimes the DIY kits sold on hardware stores don’t match the exact length of your ductwork and instead of saving you end up spending more money on it. In this article we’ll explain the difference between hiring a pro as opposed to doing it yourself.

If you have decided that you’ll do the dryer vent cleaning all by yourself and already bought the kit at a hardware store, before you open it, read this first because this might change your mind, at least you still have it good as new if you want to have it refunded.

So, when can you actually have your dryer vent cleaned all by yourself? The answer to that is if your dryer vent is only shorter than 4 feet or even less than that. Why? It’s easy cleaning the dryer vent if it’s short, you can simply use basic D. I. Y. tools from the hardware or even clean it by hand. However, most dryer vents go for about 20 to up to 40 feet. A brush kit from the hardware store can’t go through that length.

Attempting to “do it yourself” cleaning a 40 feet long dryer vent can potentially damage the vent as a whole and you might end up replacing the dryer vent or even the whole dryer itself spending more money than what you initially planned for. Getting the brushes from a kit stuck inside of the vent can cause major problems, sometimes the lint and debris are strong enough that the handle from the brush comes off, leaving the head of the brush inside of the dryer vent.

Another thing is if you push only halfway, the clog can get stuck to the wall cavity. That’s much harder to clean. It created a much bigger problem since at that part, the brush can no longer reach the clog, the airflow will totally be blocked causing it to either over heat or possibly even explode.

Now that you know the potential risks of cleaning your Dryer Vent all by yourself, here are some common things people say when they opt to call a Dryer Vent Cleaning service:

“My cleaning brush got stuck inside the dryer vent. Can you fix it?”

“The Dryer Vent smells like it’s about to burn, can you come over and fix it up?”

“My Dryer is taking forever to dry my clothes.”

These are the normal messages received daily by dryer vent maintenance and Dryer Vent Cleaning Professionals. If you plan on having your vent inspected and cleaned, go for dryer vent maintenance and cleaning service Chandler, Az. You can call them at 480-442-3880. Or visit their website to find out more about their services.

What are you waiting for? Go back to the hardware store and return that D.I.Y kit and avail their service now!